HCQC Collaborators are individuals who share our vision and values and are either implementing some of our tools or conducting related research. It is the expectation of all collaborators that they share their experiences and lessons learned with HCQC so that the knowledge may be freely distributed.  If you are interested in becoming a collaborator, please contact us.


Name Biography
Sharon Baker  MD FCFP is a palliative care physician and site chief for the University Hospital campus.  Department of Family Medicine at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University.
Laura Hawryluck MD FRCPC MHSC is a critical care physician at University Health Network in Toronto and Associate Professor of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Toronto. The past Physician Leader of the national Ian Anderson Continuing Education Program in End-of-Life Care at the University of Toronto. Laura works extensively with Critical Care Services Ontario – is the Vice President of the Medico-Legal Society of Toronto and the medical director of a combined MLST/ ProBono Law Society/ the University of Toronto and Osgoode Law School and University of Ottawa Legal Health Advocacy course. Internationally she is currently involved in development of advance burn training programs and the development of a regional burn centre in Abidjan – Cote d’ Ivoire and in creating and teaching the first national DM training program in critical care medicine in Nepal with Tribhuvan University.
Jill Oliver has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Waterloo / an Academic Fellowship in Clinical and Organizational Ethics from the University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics / and has completed internships in Clinical Ethics at both Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care and William Osler Health System.  Jill has been a member of the Clinical Ethics Committee at Headwaters Health Centre and of the Sexuality Subcommittee of Baycrest’s Clinical Ethics Committee.  Building on experience she gained doing three other projects on  ethical issues in Long Term Care – Jill is currently leading an Ethics Quality Improvement Project for William Osler Health System; this project focuses on minimizing ethical mistakes that contribute to transfers of residents between Long Term Care and William Osler’s Emergency Department.