E3 Strategy

The E3 Strategy is an approach to the work of clinical and organizational ethics that focuses on the interconnectedness of (1) errors, (2) ethics, and (3) efficiency in health care systems. The “errors” that the strategy identifies and seeks to address are the ethical and legal mistakes that that lead to inefficient use of resources; these errors might be made by health care providers, or they might be inherent within the way that care is delivered.  The “ethics” of E3 refers to the values of autonomy and patient rights that are upheld in Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act, as well as the values of stewardship and accountability that are essential for publically funded health systems.  The E3 strategy also recognizes how the efficient use of resources contributes to people receiving “the right care, at the right time, in the right place.  The work of the E3 strategy is to innovate new practices, tools, and change management strategies that will simultaneously minimize ethical and legal errors in the delivery of healthcare, promote efficient use of health care resources, and ultimately ensure that people receive care that they want and can benefit from.