About HCQC

The Healthcare Consent Quality Collaborative is a group of professionals, academics, and clinicians who are interested in improving healthcare quality by starting with our basic ethical and legal obligations to patients in the consent process.

This site contains information about research and quality projects, publications, and most importantly tools for both researchers and care providers.

This website is dedicated to improving quality of care through closely monitoring our most basic obligations to patients – that is, consent. Consent to treatment, consent to Long-Term Care, and consent to personal assistance services form the backbone of our healthcare system and yet where we take this process for granted, quality of care suffers. Problematically, consent related errors frequently go unnoticed. Here we collate several consent related resources for the benefit of the clinicians, the public, and researchers. We also monitor quality improvement projects implemented by partner organizations. While our initial projects are based on an Ontario framework (The Healthcare Consent Act), the same principles apply in any jurisdiction.